What is Darlington?


What Is Darlington?


FUN. What’s happening today? Food trucks? Bunch of new stuff? Face painting? Chipotle? Radio Stations on site? Free snacks? Are you kidding me CONTESTS? Free food?  A dancing cow?  At Darlington you never know what you will find…

MOUNTAINS OF STUFF. Really. Over 2,000,000 pieces of stuff. Stuff for holidays, every day…stuff for guys, ladies, kids and pets…stuff like candles, books, bows, puzzles, vases…stuff like gift wrap and all the trimmings…stuff for the kitchen…And remember, we get new stuff every day!!

UNUSUAL. Sure is. You’ve never been in a place like this! Big, brash and loaded with stuff. Hey, it’s Darlington-we’re not good at subtle! And we are locally owned too!

CONTESTS. We’re talking heavy duty contests…CASH GIVEAWAYS OF $1000 A DAY!! For 40 DAYS!! PLUS… Radio station contests, Facebook contests, Text Club contests, and whatever else we can dream up.  Our staff loves to give away money and stuff!  Well over $75,000 in cash and prizes will be given away in the ten weeks we are open!

EVER CHANGING. New stuff goes on display every single day…that’s right, EVERY DAY.  When you are in the store, there are still thousands of new items still waiting to come out for sale!  A tip from the Darlington pros has always been … COME EARLY AND COME OFTEN !!

CLEAN. We hate messy and dirty. Yeah, we’re a warehouse but we love CLEAN! You see anything you don’t like-let us know. We’ll take care of it NOW!

RIDICULOUS. Very…Add it all up and you can only come up with one thought:  This is wonderfully RIDICULOUS AND I NEED TO COME BACK!


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